Easily Find Times to Meet with Multiple Vendors with One Single Link!

Who is it for?

Teams looking to efficiently schedule meetings while still on a call.

Create a ScheduleLink Meeting Link
(Ability to Cross-Collaborate Between MULTIPLE 3rd Party Vendors)
Send URL to All Participants to Request Access
(Ability to Re-Use for Future Meetings OR Utilize for Internal Meetings Instead of Typing Everyone in Google Calendar)
AutoSuite User to Access Dashboard to View All ScheduleLink Links
Select a ScheduleLink, View Participants, Select Required or Optional Participants, Enter Meeting Criteria (Date Range & Duration), and Search for Times!
Enter All Google Calendar Description Details and Create Event
All Recipients Receive Gmail Email and Calendar Invite (Future Edits in Google)

How to Use

1. Sign In at (Dashboard)

2. Sign In on AutoSuite Google Chrome Extension (Extension)

3. Upon Need of ScheduleLink, Click on ScheduleLink in Google Chrome Extension

4. Name Your Meeting & Copy the Link

5. Send the Link to All Necessary Participants (Including AutoSuite User him/her-self)

6. Ask Participants to “Allow” Access
For Now - Not Approved on Google… Advanced > Go to (Unsafe)
(Future Improvement - Change to Read Busy/Free on Calendar Invites)

7. Go to the AutoSuite Dashboard and Click on ScheduleLink

8. Click “Select” to Desired ScheduleLink Name

9. View Accepted Participants and Select “Required” vs “Optional” Status, Input Search Dates, and Meeting Duration

10. Click on “Search”

11. Click “Create New Event” Next To Desired Time

12. Input Meeting Details and Click on “Create Event”

13. Meeting Invite Sent from ScheduleLink & Edits in Google Calendar


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