Create Customized Hyperlinks that Automatically Appear while Drafting an Email!

Who is it for?

Professionals looking to seamlessly hyperlink within their emails

User Creates a Library of Hyperlink Shortcuts
Define Keyword/Phrase “matched to” URL Link
Download the Chrome App
Ability to View “Global” and “Personal” Shortcuts
Type Your Email and HyperCut will Auto-Search for Hyperlink Shortcuts
Any Customer Facing Team (Customer Success, Support, Sales, Product) Can Utilize HyperCut to Support Emails with Hyperlinks to [Tracked] Webpages or Hosted Documents

How to Use

1. Sign In at https://app.richventures.io

2. Sign In on AutoSuite Google Chrome Extension

3. Click on HyperCut

4. Add New HyperCut Shortcuts

Term = Word or Phrase
Link = URL to Hyperlink
Domain = (Future) Limited to Specific Domain

5. Load HyperCut in the Google Extension

6. See the Existing HyperCut Extensions

7. Go to Google Gmail

8. Type Out Message w/ HyperCut Shortcut(s)

9. (Wait 3 Seconds - Future Improvement)

10. Click Into the Subject Line & See Hyperlinks

(If Not Working & Using Image/Custom HTML Signature, Change Default Signature to Text Only Signature to Test AutoSuite - Future Improvement)

11. Click Send


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